Discover Why It's Advisable To Install Fiberglass Garage Doors

Everyone wants to make some home improvements when they are at home because it’s perhaps the best time to do so. Home improvement projects like changing the garage door have numerous benefits. For example, a new garage door is an outstanding investment because it helps create an appealing home, which works for its resale value. It also improves the overall energy efficiency in the house by sealing the air escape routes that the current door might have created.

Learn About Garage Door Springs

Learn about the springs on your garage door so you know that you are taking care of them like you should, so you know when they need to be repaired, and so you know when they need to be replaced. Here is more on your garage door springs:  You want to keep your garage door springs lubricated There isn’t much regular maintenance that your garage door will need beyond making sure it is functioning properly and tending to a few ongoing tasks to keep it in prime condition.

Want To Replace Your Garage Door? 3 Options To Consider

The material used to make your garage door determines how well it serves its purpose. The material also determines the door’s durability, since some doors will damage more quickly than others in harsh weather. That said, not all garage doors are suitable for use in places with severe weather conditions. There are tons of inspirations for door designs if you are looking for a new garage door, but here are the main types to consider.

3 Clear Indicators Your Residential Garage Door Requires Professional Repair Service

A residential overhead garage door develops more complicated problems than other types of garage doors. If you don’t notice them in time, they tend to worsen, and your overhead garage door might finally refuse to function. This will cause many inconveniences, especially if it fails early in the morning when you are ready to start a busy day or in the evening when you want to ensure your car is safe for the night.

Common Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair Service

Garages are indispensable compartments in many homes. Many manufacturers of garage doors employ good mechanics and materials to make sure their products are long-lasting. However, even though you paid for the best garage door installations, you’ll need occasional repairs and regular maintenance. Here are some signs you need to hire repair services. Lots of Noise One sign that you need to call a contractor is lots of noise when opening the garage door.

What To Check When Your Garage Door Stops Working

Many things can affect the function of the garage door you use daily, and most of them are simple to fix, but you may need a garage door repair service to make the repairs. Often older doors are more prone to issues, but even a new door can stop working if something in the system goes wrong.  Manual Garage Doors Some basic things can go wrong with the garage door, even if you have a manual door.

Five Reasons to Install a New Garage Door

While sometimes your old garage door just needs a coat of paint or simple repairs, it might make more sense to install a new overhead door completely. Here are some reasons why it might be time for a new garage door.  1. Damage Damage to a door can affect its operation. Bent doors can become stuck or cause more wear and tear on the opener as it tried to pull up the skewed frame.

Six Things To Know About Garage Door Sensor Repairs

Your garage door sensor is an essential component of your automatic garage door. The sensor is responsible for preventing a garage door from closing if there is an obstruction beneath it. Therefore, the sensor is important for ensuring safety. Sensors have been required by law on automatic garage doors for decades. Garage door sensors are more than just a nice feature that consumers like. In fact, sensors have been required on garage doors since 1993.

Repair Or Replace? What To Do About Your Garage Door Panels

When it comes to garage doors, they very rarely need to be replaced because of functionality issues. Of course, the color of the panels can fade, prompting homeowners to repaint them or invest in new ones. There is always a chance that your doors could get damaged by getting hit by your car. However, most homeowners never even consider updating their garage door panels until after they make other exterior remodels (like painting their outside walls) and they realize that their garage door doesn’t match or look stylish with the rest of the color scheme.

Modern Twists On Garage Door Openers Worthy Of Your Attention

If you are like most homeowners, you had your garage door opener installed when you bought your garage doors or had your home built. These units sure are convenient, and with the right care and maintenance, they sure can have a long life span. However, if it has been a decade or so since you have replaced your opener, it may be a good idea to take a gander at some of the modern units available today.

How Dangerous Is Garage Door Spring Repair?

Garage doors are extremely convenient, but they can be nightmares for the average homeowner to perform any kind of DIY repair job. Though regular maintenance — such as lubricating the track, replacing the weatherstrip, and checking the rollers — is both doable and encouraged, one job you will not want to take on is any kind of garage door repair. The answer is simple: safety. Every year, hundreds and even thousands of people head to the emergency room with garage door related injuries, and a percentage of those most likely come from faulty springs.

Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Attempting To Repair A Garage Door Yourself

There are some repairs around your home that you can take care of yourself. These repairs may be relatively simple to complete and do not require advanced skill or knowledge to safely and correctly complete the task. There are other repairs that you should leave to the professionals. If you are encountering problems with your garage door, such as a garage door that will not close, a track that has been damaged, or a torsion spring that has snapped and needs to be replaced, you may be considering saving some money and attempting to complete the repair yourself.

What's Keeping Your Garage Door From Closing?

A properly closing garage door is not just convenient, it is safe for everyone leaving and entering your garage. But if your garage door will not close, it could need repairs soon. You can find out why your garage door does not close properly below. Why Won’t Your Garage Close? Modern garage doors rely on special photo eye sensors to close properly. If the photo eye sensor in your garage detects anything sitting under or near the garage door, the device will tell the door to stop closing.

Points To Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Garage Door

Are you planning to get a new garage door? If so, you may wonder whether you need to choose the same type of door that you currently have. However, you may find it helpful to consider a different type of door when you upgrade. This is because many advances in technology and design may impact your decision. Choosing the right modern garage door will ensure that you have a door that you will enjoy.

Repair or Replace—Which Option Is Better for Your Garage Door?

When you experience a problem with your garage door and you need a repair, you may want to reevaluate whether or not a replacement is a better option. There could be some good reasons as to why a replacement is better for your wallet and your home. The following are some important factors to consider when making this decision: You Have Continual Problems With Your Current Door There are fewer things more frustrating than one component of your home constantly having problems.

Do You Need Garage Door Repair For Your Side-Swinging Doors?

Side-swinging garage doors used to be more popular, but with the invention of overhead doors, many of the older styles have been replaced. Nevertheless, when homeowners want a more nostalgic garage door look, they will opt for a modern set of side-swinging doors, and the look can truly be appealing. Just as with any type of garage door, side-swingers can develop issues that require professional attention. Here is a look at a few things that you will want to know.

Seven Possible Problems That Are Preventing Your Garage Door From Working

If your garage door isn’t working right, you naturally want to find out why as soon as possible to restore your garage door to working order. There are a limited number of issues that cause most garage door malfunctions. The following are seven possible problems that are among the most common causes of garage door malfunctions: The springs are broken. Garage door assemblies include numerous types of springs that are essential to the garage door’s functioning.

Why You Might Want To Have A Motorized Garage Door Screen Installed

If you have a garage, you might want to think about calling a contractor to install a motorized garage door screen for you. If the motorized screen for your garage door is not something that you have a lot of experience with, then you might not know just how beneficial it can be. To help you have a clearer understanding of the benefits of it, you will want to take a little time to review the following:

Embarrassed By Your Dilapidated Garage Door? Restoration And Repair Tips For Solving The Problem

If your home, like many, was constructed with the garage door facing the street or driveway, you already know how critical its condition is to the curb appeal of your home. But exposure to the elements, along with wear from daily usage and occasional bumps and scrapes, can leave the garage door surface looking dented, dinged, and embarrassingly dilapidated.  If you are tired of feeling embarrassed by a garage door that is beginning to show its age or one that has developed a few repair issues, here are some simple strategies to help restore its appearance and functionality.