Do You Need Garage Door Repair For Your Side-Swinging Doors?

Side-swinging garage doors used to be more popular, but with the invention of overhead doors, many of the older styles have been replaced. Nevertheless, when homeowners want a more nostalgic garage door look, they will opt for a modern set of side-swinging doors, and the look can truly be appealing. Just as with any type of garage door, side-swingers can develop issues that require professional attention. Here is a look at a few things that you will want to know.

Seven Possible Problems That Are Preventing Your Garage Door From Working

If your garage door isn’t working right, you naturally want to find out why as soon as possible to restore your garage door to working order. There are a limited number of issues that cause most garage door malfunctions. The following are seven possible problems that are among the most common causes of garage door malfunctions: The springs are broken. Garage door assemblies include numerous types of springs that are essential to the garage door’s functioning.

Why You Might Want To Have A Motorized Garage Door Screen Installed

If you have a garage, you might want to think about calling a contractor to install a motorized garage door screen for you. If the motorized screen for your garage door is not something that you have a lot of experience with, then you might not know just how beneficial it can be. To help you have a clearer understanding of the benefits of it, you will want to take a little time to review the following:

Embarrassed By Your Dilapidated Garage Door? Restoration And Repair Tips For Solving The Problem

If your home, like many, was constructed with the garage door facing the street or driveway, you already know how critical its condition is to the curb appeal of your home. But exposure to the elements, along with wear from daily usage and occasional bumps and scrapes, can leave the garage door surface looking dented, dinged, and embarrassingly dilapidated.  If you are tired of feeling embarrassed by a garage door that is beginning to show its age or one that has developed a few repair issues, here are some simple strategies to help restore its appearance and functionality.