5 Reasons There Are Gaps Around Your Garage Door

Garage doors should close fully with no top, bottom, or side gaps. Gaps allow drafts and moisture to seep into the garage, as well as provide an entrance to pests and outdoor debris. Most gap issues can be fixed once the problem is identified.

1. Worn-Out Seals

Most garage doors have a flexible rubber seal along the bottom edge of the door. They may also have a rubber or brush-style seal along the top of the door to prevent debris and weather from blowing in. Gaps appear when the seals become old and worn out, as the rubber will often warp or shrink so the seal is no longer tight. Replacing the old seals with new ones is an easy fix.

2. Threshold Issues

Ideally, there is a wood, metal, or rubber threshold attached to the ground just beneath the garage door. A seal is formed when the rubber bottom seal of the door pushes down on the threshold. If the threshold is damaged or missing, replacing it can solve the gap. In some cases, the threshold issue may be because the door isn't coming down far enough when closing, which an adjustment of the limit switches on the door can fix.

3. Floor Settling

If your home is older, then a gap at the bottom of the door may be due to the settling of the concrete slab that makes up the garage foundation. Minor settling, especially if there are no cracks, isn't usually a structural concern, but it can leave you with a gap that allows water and debris to seep under the door. Fortunately, it's possible to have a custom threshold installed that will create a level surface for the door to close against.

4. Track Misalignment

Misaligned tracks can prevent the door from closing evenly, so you can end up with a top and bottom gap on opposite sides of the door. In severe cases, the door may also stick so it won't open or close easily, and this may be accompanied by loud noises due to friction in the track. Your garage door technician can re-align the tracks so that the gaps disappear and the door operates properly.

5. Stop Damage

On either side of the door are seals called stops. These are made of heavy-duty rubber that is attached to the door frame. They press into the side of the door when it is closed to create the seal. Over time the stops may degrade, shrink, and crack, which leaves behind gaps. Replacing the stops is the only way to fix the problem.

Contact a garage door service for more assistance.