What's Keeping Your Garage Door From Closing?

A properly closing garage door is not just convenient, it is safe for everyone leaving and entering your garage. But if your garage door will not close, it could need repairs soon. You can find out why your garage door does not close properly below.

Why Won't Your Garage Close?

Modern garage doors rely on special photo eye sensors to close properly. If the photo eye sensor in your garage detects anything sitting under or near the garage door, the device will tell the door to stop closing. This safety feature prevents the door from accidentally crushing anything in its path. 

If the photo eye sensor connected to your garage door is dirty, restricted, or blocked, it will not function properly. Gently clean the surface of the eye to see if it helps. If your garage door continues to stop closing, move everything out of the eye's path, such as stools, lawnmowers, and other tools. The detection beam emitted by the sensor needs a clear path to your garage door.

Try lowering the door again. If the door still will not lower properly, call a residential garage door company for assistance. 

How Do You Make Your Garage Door Close Properly?

Garage doors can struggle to close if they are off track or misaligned. The metal mechanisms supporting your door can also be rusted or stuck in place. A garage door contractor can inspect and repair the problems in your door for you. 

After the repairs, a contractor may test your garage door to see if it has other problems to fix. If the door still fails to close properly, a contractor may test the door's springs. The springs should have enough tension in them t support your garage door as it lifts and lowers. Springs can crack as they age. If this happens, the springs will no longer be safe enough to remain in your garage. 

You want to keep your garage door closing (and opening) properly by lubricating the hardware regularly. This step is very important if your door is exposed to water or anything else that corrodes metal. 

Finally, have a residential contractor visit your home and inspect your garage door, sensor, springs, and hardware several times a year. If you don't know when to have your garage door inspected, consult a contractor immediately.

If your garage door takes too long to close or will not close at all, call residential garage door repair services for help.