Do You Need Garage Door Repair For Your Side-Swinging Doors?

Side-swinging garage doors used to be more popular, but with the invention of overhead doors, many of the older styles have been replaced. Nevertheless, when homeowners want a more nostalgic garage door look, they will opt for a modern set of side-swinging doors, and the look can truly be appealing. Just as with any type of garage door, side-swingers can develop issues that require professional attention. Here is a look at a few things that you will want to know. 

Are your doors getting caught when they're halfway open?

The doors should not be getting stuck when they have not opened fully. Since side-swinging garage doors swing outward with automatic arms, this kind of issue can mean that the automatic arms are not freely moving. In some situations, this kind of issue can be something as simple as a problem with not enough lubrication at the joints of the opening mechanisms. However, sometimes the arms can be damaged to a point that they will not allow the doors to open fully. 

Are your doors making way too much noise when they move?

Side-swinging doors are preferred among some homeowners simply because they can be some of the quietest garage doors out there. However, side-swingers can also make noise when there are problems, and these problems should be immediately tended to by a professional. For example, if you are hearing a lot of screeching or squeaking when the doors open, it is a sign that metal is rubbing against metal, so the doors could be severely off-balance. Even though this is an issue that is easy to fix, it is one that can cause the supporting mechanism to bend or break over time. 

Are your doors not opening at all when you hit the automatic opener?

Every garage door owner has probably been here: you hit the button on the automatic opener but nothing happens. Make sure you have power to the automatic opener and your remote does not need batteries. If you've done both and the problem still exists, it can be a sign of a bigger problem. For example, the motor on your garage door opener could have failed, which would mean it needs to be replaced. In any case, before you have had a professional take a look, it is best to avoid using the door so it does not get inadvertently stuck in an open position. 

Call a garage door repair service for more information or assistance.