Embarrassed By Your Dilapidated Garage Door? Restoration And Repair Tips For Solving The Problem

If your home, like many, was constructed with the garage door facing the street or driveway, you already know how critical its condition is to the curb appeal of your home. But exposure to the elements, along with wear from daily usage and occasional bumps and scrapes, can leave the garage door surface looking dented, dinged, and embarrassingly dilapidated. 

If you are tired of feeling embarrassed by a garage door that is beginning to show its age or one that has developed a few repair issues, here are some simple strategies to help restore its appearance and functionality. 

Start with a thorough surface cleaning

The surface of older garage doors, especially those that are constructed of painted steel or aluminum, can often begin to look dull and ugly. This happens through the natural oxidation process of the paint as it ages and is exposed to the elements.

Scrubbing the painted surface with a gentle cleaning solution and a soft brush can help to remove this dulling oxidation. Once the surface is clean and dry, applying a protective coating of car wax followed by a buffing may be all that is necessary to restore an attractive shine and refresh the appearance of your aging garage doors. 

Cure small dings and dents

Garage doors that have suffered minor impacts may have collected an assortment of small dents, scrapes, and scratches that make them look older and less attractive than they should. Most small dings and dents can often be repaired using auto body repair fillers available at any auto parts store. Once the depressed area is filled and dry, the excess material can be sanded smooth and the surface can then be repainted to match. 

Have the door and opener aligned and adjusted

Another problem that often makes an older garage door look even more aged and unattractive is when it begins to sag or look uneven in its frame. If the problem is bad enough, the door may even fail to open or close completely. 

Garage door alignment issues are often caused by normal settlement of the home, accidental bumps from a vehicle or bicycle, or damage from vandals attempting to gain entry. In most cases, having the garage door and opener system professionally realigned and adjusted is all that is needed to restore its even, attractive appearance and proper functionality.

Homeowners who have put off dealing with their ugly garage door because they fear the cost of repairs should speak with a reputable garage door repair contractor in their area. In many cases, an unattractive or non-working garage door can remain in service with appropriate repairs or the addition of new door panels or components at a very reasonable cost. 

To learn more, contact a garage door repair company.