Want To Replace Your Garage Door? 3 Options To Consider

The material used to make your garage door determines how well it serves its purpose. The material also determines the door's durability, since some doors will damage more quickly than others in harsh weather. That said, not all garage doors are suitable for use in places with severe weather conditions. There are tons of inspirations for door designs if you are looking for a new garage door, but here are the main types to consider.  

1. Wooden Garage Doors

You would desire to install a wooden garage door for its natural beauty and aesthetics. These types of garage doors will match any home with wooden front doors or wooden structures. In addition to being authentic, wood is also very energy-efficient. This is because wood offers top-notch insulation against heat losses and gains, given its poor thermal conductivity. Besides, wood provides much room for customization to different styles, finishes, and paintings.  

If you have a tight budget and cannot afford the expensive solid wood garage doors, you can opt for the wood composite garage doors that offer the same natural look, feel, and beauty, except that they are made of a wood frame and fiberboard. If you are looking for a more detailed appearance on your wooden composite door, those made of high-density fiberboard should be your choice.

2. Aluminum Garage Doors

This type is preferable to the wooden type in certain climates because wood can damage quickly in harsh rainy weather or snow. When exposed to moisture in extreme weather, aluminum does not expand like wood, which absorbs moisture, warps, and then rots over time.

Besides, aluminum garage doors are less expensive to buy than solid or composite wooden types. They also require less maintenance compared to the steel garage doors. This means you will spend less money to maintain them compared to other types.

3. Steel Garage Doors

Steel doesn't dent so easily as other materials do because of its high strength, so some people find this alternative most suitable. Additionally, if you are worried that wind, which can be notorious in some places depending on the weather, will bring down aluminum garage doors, this type is for you. It is so heavy that it will resist even the forces when someone is attempting to break in.

This type of material also resists damage by moisture or harsh weather. It will last long, even when installed in places that experience heavy rains and snow. Besides, you can decide the finishes and colors to apply to achieve décor effects that match your home.

Garage door installation services will offer advice and install the most suitable garage door for your home per the weather and climate in your area. They install garage doors professionally, to reduce the chances of costly repairs or replacements.