What To Check When Your Garage Door Stops Working

Many things can affect the function of the garage door you use daily, and most of them are simple to fix, but you may need a garage door repair service to make the repairs. Often older doors are more prone to issues, but even a new door can stop working if something in the system goes wrong. 

Manual Garage Doors

Some basic things can go wrong with the garage door, even if you have a manual door. The tracks that the door rides in can become warped or twisted, often after the door is bumped with a car. Even a small impact can apply enough pressure to knock things out of alignment and cause the door to bend. 

The springs on the door that are designed to assist in opening and closing the door can break if they are very old. While this often does not stop you from opening the door, it does make the door extremely heavy and hard to open. These issues are simple fixes, but the best way to deal with them is to call a garage door repair company. 

Inspecting the door and looking for damage or broken parts can help you identify the issue, then you can pass the information along so the repair company can bring the right parts with them when they come to fix the door for you. 

Automatic Garage Doors

Garage doors that have power door openers can have many of the same issues as a manual door, but with the additional complication of the garage door opener acting up or failing. If the door and all the parts look okay, you may have an issue with the door opener, but you can check that by disconnecting the opener to see if the door functions correctly without it. 

If the door opener is not working, call a garage door repair company and have them check the opener for you. The motor on the door opener could be malfunctioning, or the safety sensor near the door could be out of alignment, causing the opener not to operate correctly. In either case, the tech from the garage door repair company will be able to address the problem for you.

Damaged Door Panels

If the door panels on your garage door are damaged or bent even a little, the door can bend enough to keep the door from working. If the door was hit by a car or closed on something that bent any of the panels, you might need to have a garage door repair tech replace the damaged panel for you. 

Any damage to the door should be checked by a professional and corrected before you use the door.