Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repairs

One of the common garage door repair issues involves the springs. The springs make it easy for you to lift the garage door. Pay attention to these garage door spring issues.

Balance Issues

If you find it difficult to open or close your door, your door is out of balance. One way to identify this problem is if the garage door falls immediately after lifting it a few inches. Another sign of balance issues is if the door abnormally moves up and down the track. It could move slower or faster than usual.

Not all issues with garage door balance are caused by the spring. However, some problems with balance put pressure on the spring and may cause it to be damaged.

Squeaking Noise

One of the ways to identify problems with your garage door spring is if you hear a squeaking noise. It doesn't matter whether the door has an automatic or manual opener. Springs need to be lubricated regularly.

You should oil the metal parts of your garage door every year. Also, cleaning and lubricating the garage door after the winter and fall seasons are equally essential. This gets rid of salt crystals and prepares the door for the spring season.

Snapped Cables

Your garage doors have extension springs on both sides. These springs have cables running through them to help with controlling the door's movement. If these safety cables snap, your extension springs will lose control. As a result, your garage door will not open or close properly.

Sometimes your garage door's safety cables wind around the drum causing the door to jam. The garage door cable might also break because of wear and tear. Your garage door technician will connect the cables correctly to fix this problem. In the worst-case scenario, the technician will replace the pulley. 

Broken Torsion Spring

Your garage door's torsion spring is typically the first to be ruined. When it breaks, you will hear a noise like a firecracker if you are near it. If your doors don't seem to stay open, you are dealing with a tension issue. If it opens a few inches and then stops, you are dealing with a broken spring. You shouldn't open garage doors if they have a broken torsion spring. If you notice these signs, call a garage door technician.

If you have a garage door repair issue, don't attempt to fix it yourself. Also, don't operate the faulty garage door in order to avoid hazards. Call a garage technician to inspect and fix any issue with your garage door as soon as you identify any of these garage door spring problems.

Contact a technician for more information on garage door repairs