Learn About Garage Door Springs

Learn about the springs on your garage door so you know that you are taking care of them like you should, so you know when they need to be repaired, and so you know when they need to be replaced. Here is more on your garage door springs: 

You want to keep your garage door springs lubricated

There isn't much regular maintenance that your garage door will need beyond making sure it is functioning properly and tending to a few ongoing tasks to keep it in prime condition. Along with keeping the tracks clean and the eye sensors aligned properly, you will also need to make sure the garage door springs are properly lubricated. A good rule of thumb is to lubricate the springs about once every three months. They may need to be lubricated sooner depending on the climate you live in. It may be best to have a garage door technician lubricate the springs for you the first time so they can show you just how much to add and let you know when they suggest the springs be lubricated again. 

You may want to have winter maintenance done to the garage door

If you live in a very cold climate, then you may want to have a garage door technician come out to inspect and service the garage door at the beginning of winter. They will be able to check the condition of the door and all the components, such as the springs, to make sure they don't appear to be at risk of breaking. They will also be able to do things like lubricate the springs or add a rust-inhibiting spray if they feel this is necessary. Winter maintenance each year can prolong the life of your garage door components, which can put off the need for repairs and even replacement. 

You want to keep an eye on the age of your garage door and its springs

One thing you should keep in mind is that garage door springs will generally last more than a dozen or so years depending on the amount of use your garage door gets. If you are opening and closing it many times throughout each day, then you can expect the springs to need replacement sooner, and if you rarely use the garage door, then they will last longer. 

You should have both springs replaced at the same time

If you have to replace springs on your garage door, you should have them both replaced at the same time, even if one is worse off than the other or only one is broken. The reason for this is because you will want your springs to be balanced and to work as a cohesive unit.

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