Common Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair Service

Garages are indispensable compartments in many homes. Many manufacturers of garage doors employ good mechanics and materials to make sure their products are long-lasting. However, even though you paid for the best garage door installations, you'll need occasional repairs and regular maintenance. Here are some signs you need to hire repair services.

Lots of Noise

One sign that you need to call a contractor is lots of noise when opening the garage door. Your garage door motor usually makes some noise, but the sound should be smooth and consistent. If you open your garage door and hear a new sound or find the sound is growing aggressively and wrenching, you need to call a professional.

One of the reasons for a noisy garage door is a damaged motor. While the repair service may make adjustments to repair it, the best fix is a motor replacement. If your motor is functioning well, your service person will lubricate the springs to fix it.

Can't Lift the Door Manually

One of the basic features of an automatic garage door is the ability to lift itself. Nevertheless, you should be able to lift the door manually. For example, in case of an electric breakdown, you should be able to lift the door and move your car out.

You can gauge the quality of the garage door's spring balance by how well you're able to lift the door. The garage door's springs make the task of manually lifting the door easier and decrease the power required to lift the door automatically. The springs are capable of holding a huge amount of tension.

If lifting your garage door is impossible or difficult, it means the springs can't hold a fraction of the weight. This means you're trying to lift the whole weight of the door. This is common in old doors because the springs are worn out. The moment you notice any sign of spring failure, call a garage door repair service for a spring replacement. 

Misaligned Garage Door

If you notice that your garage door is uneven or sagging, you should address this problem quickly. The main cause of misalignment is uneven wear. Like a car, when the garage door's springs are out of alignment, one spring gets more worn out than the other spring. The overly worn spring is likely to snap and cause accidents in the garage. The spring will also put a lot of strain on the garage motor. Fixing a motor is more expensive than realigning the garage door.

A spring replacement is the best fix for unevenly worn-out springs. However, if an improperly hung door causes the misalignment, the door needs to be rehung sooner than later to prevent further damage. Make sure you call a professional to diagnose the cause of the misalignment and fix the problem.